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Duncan Grocott

Former Bristol Groundschool student

I chose the modular route as I have a full time demanding job. Flexibility and distance learning was key for me.

I chose the modular route as I have a full time demanding job. Flexibility and distance learning was key for me.

I did a fair amount of research before choosing Bristol Ground School. The time and effort you invest in studying and succeeding is significant. Choosing the right school is a key. I can honestly say this has been one of the best decisions I have made.

The whole process from signing up and receiving log in details was fast and straightforward. The online platform with detailed teaching material, explanations and animations along with regular progress checks and tests really does help build your knowledge.

The revision weeks at the end of each module were a particular highlight as these significantly help consolidate knowledge and prepare you for the exams. Covid meant the last revision week for me was online. I was surprised at how well this worked, with a high level of engagement and participation in a virtual classroom.

So what did I learn throughout the process?

There are no short cuts in this. You really do need to learn your stuff AND practice using various question banks. The banks compliment your learning and help with question styles etc…but you need to know your stuff. I used a variety of question banks but found BGS to offer the most comprehensive worked and explained answers to questions. (It doesn’t help if you get a question wrong…but don’t understand why!)

From my experience, what has set BGS apart is the quality and dedication of the staff at every level, from administration to teaching. The subject leaders are seasoned pros (All are current or former pilots and engineers) who have a passion for their subject matter and an equal passion to impart knowledge and prepare you for the exams.

Make no mistakes, I found the exams tough going…but that’s because they are tough. That said, with an average mark of 91%, dedication and hard work pays off. What has made the difference for me has been the quality of the teaching material and the outstanding team who have supported and guided me throughout. Their passion is infectious!

If you are planning to invest in doing your ATPL exams, I cannot recommend BGS more highly.

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Study for your pilot licence from the comfort of your own home with our flexible distance learning course with the option to attend in-person or online revision weeks for select courses.

Every course includes access to our immersive theory training software, ATPdigital, plus all the training and support you’ll need to pass your exams, so no hidden fees or need to invest in extra tuition!

Bristol Groundschool is the only aviation theory content provider that also delivers online and in-person training to students. This enables us to continually update and improve our material based on real student feedback from the exams.

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Since 1992, we’ve been delivering world-class pilot theory training and now we’re celebrating our 30 year anniversary this October!

We’ll be hosting a giveaway on our Instagram page, announcing discounts and having a look back on the last three decades of Bristol Groundschool.

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BGSonline – ATPL│CPL│IR│PPL Theory Question Bank

BGSonline is our proprietary database of more than 15,000 multiple choice ATPL, CPL & IR exam questions.

Exams aren’t as daunting when you know what to expect.

That’s why every BGS student receives a free 12 month subscription to our question bank, BGSonline (excluding PPL).

With over 15,000 multiple choice exam questions, you’ll be able to revise with ease.

BGSonline is regularly updated by our in-house team of experts, allowing you to test your knowledge and generate mock exams – with every question backed up with explanations and diagrams.

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What our students say:

Ben Bowker

Jet2 First Officer

Bristol really put together a fantastic package for the Revision Weeks with top notch instructors and great material, its then when everything really comes together.

Bristol really put together a fantastic package for the Revision Weeks with top notch instructors and great material, it’s then when everything really comes together.

I’m a huge advocate of the modular training route. Bristol Groundschool worked for me. The quality of their books, online training and question bank made it easier for me to organise my study and made it far less painful than it may otherwise have been if I had not studied with them. The modules were really well structured and the technical detail was made easy to understand.

When I got to the Revision Weeks, and I’m sure 99% would agree, Bristol really put together a fantastic package with top notch instructors and its then when it really comes together. By the end of the Revision Weeks you really are ready for the exams. A lot of hard work but quite enjoyable too.

After totting up my training cost from 0 – ATPL, I have spent around £40K which has been spread over a number of years, so for me, coming from what I would call an average financial background has been demanding yes, but achievable. Also, if you’re able to work alongside your training, any debts you do pick up will be able to be paid off far quicker, so you’re not having to wait until you start your first airline job before you begin to pay back any borrowed money.

Distance learning is hard enough so make sure you have the best materials, support and instructors and use a school, like Bristol Groundschool that has proven it works.

I started my pilot career with Jet2 as a pilot apprentice. That consisted of 12 months on the ground. The first 2 months were spent in various departments at the head office in Leeds, 2 months flying as cabin crew, then the remainder of the time working as a crew room assistant preparing flight paperwork for crews and looking after general logistics. After all of that Jet2 bonded my type rating on the Boeing 737-800 and I am now flying as a first officer based at Manchester.

The Jet2 Pilot Apprentice scheme is a fabulous opportunity for low hour pilots to get themselves involved in the industry. You have the opportunity to learn about all parts of the airline business and gain a good understanding of how each different department knits together to run a successful airline. All of that background information is particularly valuable when you finally get to fly in the right hand seat!

Peter Wood

First Officer Wizz Air

I chose Bristol Groundschool because of its great reputation and I am very pleased I did. The instructors…

I chose Bristol Groundschool because of its great reputation and I am very pleased I did. The instructors are all industry experienced and the quality of teaching is excellent.  The computer based training material is of a high quality and includes tests all the way through to check your level of understanding. I passed all my exams first time.

Former BGS student

Gary Jackson MBE

Without the forward leaning and innovative approach employed by Bristol Groundschool, I doubt I would have passed all…

Without the forward leaning and innovative approach employed by Bristol Groundschool, I doubt I would have passed all 14 exams before the 31 Dec 20 transition deadline.  The instructors and support team have all been outstanding.

The material has also been excellent and broken down into easily manageable chunks.  The fact that I have managed to pass all exams first time with a 95% average pass mark despite a busy and unpredictable full-time military career is testament to the quality of the digital material.

The past 18 months have been the busiest and most challenging of my life and not just due to the pressures of ATPL Theory. In addition to commanding my team on overseas deployments to the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean, I found myself at the centre of the UK’s response to COVID-19, supporting the construction of the NHS Nightingale Hospital London, designing potential mobile testing units and helping to deliver UK Covid-19 Mega labs.  Throughout all of this, the flexible and bitesize nature of the lessons and learning programme meant I could still continue my studies regardless of where I was or how busy.

Furthermore, the webinars and virtual revision weeks meant I still felt well prepared for each exam.


Edoardo Minuto

First Officer, Vietnam Airlines

The ATPL distance learning course with Bristol was amazing. I passed all my theory exams first time, with an average score of 92%+!!!

Your fame precedes you, and I had no doubt for a moment about where I would do my ATPL theory courses. The distance learning with Bristol was amazing, the online question bank was even then ahead of its time and the brush-up courses just helped to complete an excellent preparation. I passed all my theory exams first time, with an average score of 92%+!!!

I completed my CPL/IR and MCC, and after a thorough selection process, I joined the cadet program of Vietnam Airlines in September 2015 and I am now proudly working as a First Officer for Vietnam Airlines.